Who Are We?

We are the #1 provider of services for home and office appliances and equipment in Nigeria. With us, home owners and business do not need to wonder who to call when critical appliances breakdown - they simply schedule a service on our website, pay a flat rate and we take care of the rest. Customers are only required to pay extra if parts need to be replaced and our clients do not have to worry about been asked to replace parts when there is no need for one because all our technicians know that they will get their allowance quicker if they are able to get the appliance running without replacing any parts and they also know that they will not be paid any extra money for any parts replaced. Google/history; Story online.


Our Story

Offices Plus Homes began when its CEO concluded that there was something missing from the range of eCommerce businesses in Africa's most populous country. After brooding about it for months, he concluded that the gap was for a reliable, efficient and honest delivery of non-stop servicing of homes and offices appliances/equipment at the owners' locations, at the owners' time and at the owners' convenience; and so OfficePlusHomes was born.

So if its in your home or office and its an appliance or equipment that requires attention, we are the people to call whether its a refrigerator, dishwasher, gas cooker, air-conditioners, deep fryer, generator, fan, computers or electronics, just schedule a service and we will take care of the rest from repairs, to maintenance to installation

Meet The Team

Our team is here to help. From call center representatives to technicians to Supervisors to supply chain coordinators - all hands are on deck to enure that your home and office appliances are in good shape so that you can relax


Onome Shaka

Publicity Lead

A seasoned Broadcast Journalist, Historian & Musician


Jide Abioye

Services Supervisor

An experienced electrical and electronics engineer and IT specialist.


Christabel Igule

Call Center Supervisor

A Microbiologist passionate about communication

Next Steps...

Schedule a service now in three simple steps and if you get stuck or need guidance while filling out the online information, do not hesitate to call us and we will walk you through. Call 0816 746 1324