Home Service

Service #1 Kitchen Appliances

Whether an appliance suddenly breaks down in your kitchen or you have a plumbing emergency or you have just bought a new appliance or equipment that you have no clue how to install or an appliance just refuses to come up when you start or turn it on, always remember that our technicians are only a booking away. We are here to ensure that your refrigerator, microwave, deep fryer, gas cooker, electric cooker, etc are serving all of their purposes in that beautiful home of yours.


Service #2 Comfort Appliances

When you get home from all of your daily pursuits, you deserve to enjoy the comfort of your home. Schedule a service to have our team take care of your air conditioners, fans, TV, DVD player, CD Player, Decoder, generators, etc.

Your comfort is our business.  Schedule your service for a time convenient for you now and Call us on 0816 746 1324 once you are done.

Service #3 Year-Long Attention

We know that there are home owners who are so busy that they do not have the time to continually book a service whenever they need one. So we have made arrangements for you! Call us now to get a fair quote to hand over the entire servicing of all your home and office appliances for a year or two or longer.

Call 0816 746 1324


What We Do

We are the #1 provider of services for home and office appliances and equipment in Nigeria. With us, home owners and businesses do not need to wonder who to call when critical appliances breakdown - they simply schedule a service on our website, pay a flat rate and we take care of the rest.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Workmanship////Ease of Scheduling A Service////Safety Prioritization////Respectful Personnel////No hidden Costs////Service on Your Schedule



Next Steps...

Hey there Home Owner! we are here to help. Schedule a service and we will take care of the rest.