How It Works

How It Works

  1. Click “Choose Service” or “Schedule Your Service” and Select your required service
  2. Click add to cart
  3. Select another service if required and click “add to cart” or by clicking "Continue Shopping".
  4. Click "View Cart" Then click “Proceed To Checkout”
  5. Fill out the form and explain what may be the issue with your appliance or equipment.
  6. Select Direct Bank Transfer if you prefer to pay offline through an ATM Machine or in a physical bank OR select “Debit/Credit Cards" to pay online through your ATM Card
  7. Click “Place Order” and Click "Pay Now"
  8. Choose "Pay With Card" or "Pay With Direct Bank Transfer". [If you pay online, we will call you immediately to arrange the service.
  9. Call us immediately after paying through direct bank transfer so that we can discuss about your service.
  10. To do a direct bank transfer, use an ATM, transfer through your online bank or use mobile money to make your payment into the following account: Account No: 1014445063. Bank: Zenith Bank. Account Name: SUEKS International Limited. Here are some examples of how to send money to us from your mobile phone: FIRST BANK: *894*AMOUNT*1014445063#. GUARANTEE: *737*AMOUNT*1014445063#. ZENITH: *966*AMOUNT*1014445063#. PLEASE CALL US ON 0816 746 1324 IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU PAY YOUR MONEY. THANK YOU




On this site, Electrical Services does not include the wiring of new buildings of any kind. Such services only include repairs of existing electrical works in our clients’ homes or offices. Electrical issues does not also include any work to do with meters of electricity companies nor any works to do with electric power supply poles belonging to electricity companies – transformers included

Complete electrical wiring of new offices and homes are negotiable. Contact us to discuss,

The same applies to Plumbing Services. All our services exclude installation of entirely new plumbing in offices and homes. All plumbing services refers to repairs of existing plumbing facilities

Installation of complete plumbing systems in homes and offices are negotiable. Contact us to discuss,


All rates indicated on this website in Nigerian naira or any other currencies are for services such as maintenance, repairs and installation. These rates do not include the purchase of spare parts for appliances and equipment. Whenever our an appliance or equipment requires the procurements of parts, our office shall call the concerned customer to make payments for the purchase and transportation of the necessary parts.


The prices displayed on our online shop for painting, does not include the cost of procuring paint. Our customers and clients purchase paint of their choice for these services so our painters only show up with their painting tools. Also, where there would be need to paint at heights, it is the responsibility of the customer to make ladders and/or scaffolds available.

Where a customer requires OPH to provide, ladders and scaffolds or paint, then the customer or client must make payment for these supplies to OPH before our painters will show up on site. These prices are not displayed on our online shop, any customer who wants these additional services should contact us by phone or email (See our Contact Us page. And we will give fair quotes based on prevailing prices in the market.